Experiences of our clients: Pizzeria Montgarri

Let’s go back to enjoying the restaurants.

With the arrival of the autumn rains and later the cold of winter, many of the terraces will no longer be used and the capacity will return in the interior spaces and the consequent risk of getting infected.

The Pizzeria Montgarri, founded in 1982, is a reference in Baqueira Beret for Italian cuisine that has been passed down from generation to generation, becoming a family tradition from grandparents to grandchildren.

“We have provided the pizzeria with a purifier with a HEPA H-14 filter that purifies the air and gives our customers the security of being in a clean environment” – Pilar Jiménez, owner of the business.

Our devices with HEPA H14 filters, tested and certified effective against SARS-CoV-2, improve air quality in large indoor spaces, helping to refill restaurants safely.

Photography: Pilar Jiménez, owner of Pizzeria Montgarri with our UAP 400V model.

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