Let’s go back to enjoying the restaurants.

Let’s go back to enjoying the restaurants.

With the arrival of the autumn rains and later the cold of winter, many of the terraces will no longer be used and the capacity will return in the interior spaces and the consequent risk of getting infected.

For this reason, a “Guide to good ventilation practices in the hospitality sector” has been published with what restaurateurs should know if they want their premises to be well ventilated.

“In the hospitality sector, the social act of eating and drinking, during which a mask is not used, probably motivates a greater emission of aerosols, especially in noisy environments,” the guide indicates.

“Only when the interior space does not have natural or mechanical ventilation systems, you can opt for air purifiers with HEPA filters that reduce the concentration of the virus,” he adds.
Our devices with HEPA H14 filters, tested and certified effective against SARS-CoV-2, improve air quality in large indoor spaces, helping to refill restaurants safely.
Photography: UAP 600VD model finished in black in the Lagasca 19 restaurant, Madrid.

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