How to celebrate a safe wedding?

APBE, the Association of Wedding Professionals of Spain, calculates that the coronavirus crisis caused the postponement of 59,097 from March to June 2020.

How to reorganize a wedding postponed by Covid-19 without panic? This is our infallible “check list”:

1- Anticipate the future restrictions of the moment. In the case of 2021, almost all weddings have been changed to the day by curfew.

2- Agree and approach positions with the suppliers (catering, photographs, music, etc.) and the church in case of change of place or day of celebration.

3-Review contracts and their clauses and have a “substitute” provider in case the wedding day is not available.

4- Keep the safety distance, use masks and hydroalcoholic gels during the celebration.

5- Carry out antigen tests or present vaccination certificates by the guests before starting the banquet.

6- In the interior spaces of the restaurant, have CO2 meters and air purifiers to guarantee the best air quality.

Photographs: anapalma_fotografia

Mas Llombart Restaurant

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