Introducing the world’s first active air purification digital mupi

Clear Channel Spain and Urban Air Purifier install in the Port of Barcelona the first digital mupi with active air purification in the world at the entrance to the World Trade Center Barcelona.

It is the first prototype of urban advertising furniture that integrates this technology that reduces pollution and generates clean air spaces on public roads.

The device, which is capable of purifying up to 98.5% of the particles and 80% of the gases that are harmful to health, has been designed and manufactured to eliminate toxic gases such as nitrogen oxides (NOx), sulfur dioxides (SO2) and volatile organic compounds (COv) and also from suspended particles (PM1 – PM10).

The purification capacity of this canopy is comparable to that of 20 trees and in particular it is capable of purifying the air that is polluted by 3,000 cars in circulation within its area of ??influence (around 40 meters).

The Bureau Veritas company, a world leader in inspection services, certified that the UAP-O purification system achieves the elimination of suspended particles (PM1 – PM10) by 98.5% and polluting gases (CO, NO, NO2 and NOx) by 80%.

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