Are you ready to join us?

On the International Environmental  Day, the United Nations showed it’s firm commitment to stand up in a fight against air contamination. This has been one of the worst threats for humanity, taking around 7 million lives per year. Some super-stars, such as Gisele Bündchen, supported a huge campaign to raise awareness on the urgency to solve this issue. There has been a fast response to this call. A combined statement has been submitted from the headquarters of the UN, in New York, backed by the Science Academy of Brazil, Germany, South Africa and the United States, requesting a raise in the investment to act, through a new world treaty, against air contamination, as Fundación Economía Circular has articulated. Now, the will and desire to end this problem is rising. Some of us are already battling the air pollution. Are you ready to join us?

Enjoy the air, Now!

Link to Statement Air pollution and health

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